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Creating A Cool Itachi Drawing: Step-By-Step Guide And Tips


Itachi Uchiha, A Beloved Character From The Popular Anime And Manga Series “Naruto,” Is A Favorite Subject For Fan Art. His Complex Personality And Striking Appearance Make Him An Interesting And Rewarding Character To Draw. In This Guide, We’ll Explore The Process Of Creating A Cool Itachi Drawing, Providing You With Step-By-Step Instructions And Helpful Tips To Bring This Iconic Character To Life On Paper.

Materials Needed:

Before You Begin Your Itachi Drawing, Gather The Necessary Materials. Here’s A List Of Basic Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Drawing Paper Or Sketchbook
  • Ruler
  • Inking Pens (Optional)
  • Colored Pencils Or Markers (Optional)

Understanding Itachi’s Features:

Itachi Uchiha Is Known For His Distinct Features, Including His Sharingan Eyes, Long Black Hair, And The Lines Under His Eyes. Familiarizing Yourself With These Characteristics Will Help You Capture His Likeness More Accurately.

Basic Proportions And Guidelines:

Start By Drawing A Rough Sketch Of Itachi’s Head And Shoulders Using Light Pencil Strokes. Use Basic Shapes To Outline The Structure:

  • Draw An Oval For The Head.
  • Divide The Head Into Halves Vertically And Horizontally To Help Place Facial Features.
  • Add Guidelines For The Eyes, Nose, And Mouth.

Drawing The Face:

Focus On Itachi’s Face, Refining Your Guidelines:

  • Eyes: Draw Itachi’s Sharp, Almond-Shaped Eyes Along The Horizontal Guideline. Don’t Forget The Distinctive Lines Under His Eyes And His Sharingan Pupils.
  • Nose: Place The Nose Along The Vertical Guideline, Just Below The Eye Line. Keep It Simple With A Slight Curve Or Point.
  • Mouth: Draw Itachi’s Mouth Slightly Below The Nose, Often Depicted With A Neutral Or Serious Expression.

Adding Hair And Headband:

Itachi’s Hair And Headband Are Crucial To His Appearance:

  • Hair: Sketch The Outline Of His Long, Straight Hair. It Should Frame His Face And Extend Down To His Shoulders.
  • Headband: Draw The Konoha Forehead Protector, Ensuring The Metal Plate With The Leaf Symbol Is Centered On His Forehead.

Detailing The Outfit:

Itachi Is Usually Depicted In His Akatsuki Cloak:

  • Collar: Draw The High Collar Of The Cloak, Which Partially Covers His Face.
  • Cloak: Sketch The Outline Of The Cloak, Noting Its Flowing Shape And Any Visible Folds.

Refining The Drawing:

Go Over Your Initial Sketch, Refining Lines And Adding Details:

  • Eyes: Enhance The Details Of The Sharingan, Including The Tomoe (Comma-Shaped Symbols).
  • Hair: Add Individual Strands And Texture To The Hair.
  • Clothing: Add Folds And Details To The Cloak To Give It A More Realistic Look.

Inking (Optional):

If You Want A More Polished Look, Go Over Your Pencil Lines With Inking Pens. This Will Make The Drawing Stand Out And Prepare It For Coloring If Desired.

Shading And Coloring:

Add Depth And Dimension To Your Drawing With Shading And Coloring:

  • Shading: Use A Range Of Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B) To Add Shadows And Highlights. Focus On Areas Like The Hair, Eyes, And Cloak.
  • Coloring: If You Prefer A Colored Drawing, Use Colored Pencils Or Markers. Pay Attention To Itachi’s Typical Color Scheme: Black Hair, Red And Black Cloak, And The Red Of The Sharingan Eyes.

Final Touches:

Review Your Drawing And Make Any Final Adjustments. Erase Any Unnecessary Guidelines And Ensure All Details Are Accurate. Take A Step Back And Admire Your Work!


Drawing Itachi Uchiha Is A Rewarding Experience For Any “Naruto” Fan. By Following This Step-By-Step Guide And Practicing Regularly, You Can Create A Cool Itachi Drawing That Captures The Essence Of This Complex Character. Whether You’re A Beginner Or An Experienced Artist, These Tips Will Help You Improve Your Skills And Produce A Drawing You Can Be Proud Of. Happy Drawing.

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